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Fostering Holistic Health through Knowledge Empowerment

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Why Prioritize Holistic Health for Kids?

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1 in 7 (14%) experience mental health conditions
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have experienced a deterioration in mental health in the last 5 years
10 th
Suicide is the fourth leading cause of death

The Impact

Untreated adolescent mental health conditions hinder lifelong well-being, limiting opportunities for fulfillment and hampering both physical and mental health.

Fostering Holistic Health in Children

It is crucial for all schools and educators to take a proactive approach, creating an inclusive learning environment that actively contributes to the well-being of every child.

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    Certificate in Transformative Teaching for Inclusive Development​

    A certification program 23 topics, supporting educators in developing inclusive classroom practices.

    This program will help educators build knowledge, skills and resources that will start them on a journey to create a truly inclusive classroom in both virtual and physical environment. Educators will discover new possibilities and gain the confidence to experiment with new approaches for your teaching.

    Certificate in International Student Centric Learning

    This program contains 30 topics that help educators in managing an effective and up-to-date classroom.

    Educators will learn innovative strategies to embed mental wellbeing in their teaching and support students' mental health. Educators will also learn crucial teaching methodologies that encourages participation and engaged learning by using the latest technologies and techniques.

    Certificate in Holistic Health Management

    This program contains 24 modules that help educators in fostering and managing holistic among themselves and as well as students.

    The program covers a spectrum of crucial topics, such as recognizing and addressing self-harm, fostering emotional resilience, and mastering self-care strategies. Tailored principles of Psychological First Aid (PFA) for educators, parents, and students are explored. Elevate skills to positively impact both your own well-being and that of those you educate.

    Diploma in Global Mentorship Program

    Educators will complete this program by attending workshop hosted and led by world leading experts in Singapore.

    Educators will learn key elements that make mentorship a life-changing experience for mentees and mentors. This program will give skills to deliver world class education, educators will meet and learn from world leading experts live in person, and network with other like-minded people from the community.